Keylex launches The Candy Store Online. Sweet!

March 3rd, 2011

We are proud to announce that we have launched a stunning eCommerce store for The Candy Store of Baltimore, MD. Built on the popular Magento eCommerce platform, the website sports a creative and fun design and features a full line of candy gift platters, dried fruit & nuts and a wide range of chocolates. In addition, the website carries specialty lines such as a Jelly Belly department, Sugar Free delights, and an upcoming section for corporate gifts.

As with all projects, we started off by creating a unique design that establishes brand recognition. With the crowded online candy marketplace, it was important to design a website that first and foremost makes a positive and memorable impression. After one visit to the website, it is a website visitors are not likely to forget. Next, we focused on usability. We wanted to have a site that is absent of the clutter found on many websites and allow visitors to easily browse the website. We added many convenient features such as in-store pickup and local delivery. Next, we went to work ensuring that the original design was not changed at all implementing the live catalog and  shopping cart system.

Visit the website at and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Keylex Reaches The Base Camp!

March 24th, 2010

keylexWe’re now using Basecamp! It’s an awesome web-based project collaboration tool that makes it easy for us to manage project in-house, while making it easier for you to stay in the loop! Talk about easy communication! We only wish we had started using Basecamp sooner. We can make to-do lists to help track projects, upload to files for presentations, and manage timelines for maximum efficiency! WOO!HOO! Go Basecamp, go! This is going to make  future projects run even smoother than before, and we’re getting started right away.

Helping Clients Critique

March 1st, 2010


When it comes to a critique, there are many important factors to consider as a business owner. The initial design mockup that you receive may not always be exactly what you had in mind, or the way you would have designed it yourself. The question is, where do we go from here?

Behind the Design

Often, there are specific reasons behind almost every element of a design that comes from an agency with years of experience on the web. Color, font style and size, geometric shapes, borders, and graphic elements call all be determining factors in the way your site communicates to your consumer target, and may ultimately determine the success of your business online. The goal of any great agency is to put our clients first by putting their clients first.

By focusing on our skills in visual communication and psychology we develop a “language” so to speak, that communicates a message to our client’s target audience. For example, by using certain colors, fonts, and shapes on the site, we’re able to tap into a demographic and make their experience on the site more pleasurable. This hopefully leads to an increase in sales on your part, provided the site is well maintained and the communication remains consistent.

How to Critique

In order to make this communication successful, the process requires trust, patience, and an open mind just as any other critique. For example, when a client first receives our initial design for a website’s homepage, we ask that they put themselves in the user’s shoes, versus the shoes of the designers. This means that they ignore the natural urge to focus on specific elements (color, fonts, sizes, etc), but rather on the overall function and flow of the design.

Things to be considered:

• Are all the links in the main navigation (menu) necessary? Should there be more or less?
• Is the main purpose of the site being achieved? Is the user able to benefit from the content itself?
• Ease of use. Is everything easy to find and understandable, or is there too much thinking involved?

Things to Avoid being caught up on:

• Personal opinion on colors and fonts
• Focusing on the competitor or trying to emulate their approach
• Opinions of friends and family on the design itself, rather than ease of use and content.

The reason behind putting yourself in the user’s shoes versus the shoes of the designers is that ultimately, the users will be the ones visiting your site. How often will you, your nephew, grandfather or wife be visiting the website as opposed to your consumers? It’s more likely that the site will be successful if the design agency is able to direct the design and you are able to make sure the content is available to your consumer. After all, nobody knows your product or service like you do, and nobody knows how to visually attract the target audience (consumer) to your product or service on the web like we do!

A Quick Analogy

There are many analogies that can be applied to web design. Take a presidential speech at the United Nations for example. The President’s speech is written in English, which for us, is easy to understand. For others, the speech is only as good as the translator behind it. If the translator wasn’t a professional at communicating to his or her audience, there may be difficulty when trying to understand the message, causing frustration and loss of interest. But with the right translator, the message reaches the audience in a way that helps them to appreciate the concept and be part of the experience.

This can be directly applied to the design process. You are the writer of the speech and we are the translator. We need your content and information about your business. You need our knowledge and expertise to properly communicate your content to your audience. By playing our positions and working together we’re able to create a website that will hit your target audience and encourage an increase in your sales on the web!

Play Ball!

February 16th, 2010

We’re proud to announce the launch of It’s finally live! Outerstuff is a major manufacturer and marketer of youth sports apparel. Their site has taken on a completely different look with a brand transformation that brings out an edgy, contemporary look that truly hits the bullseye on their target audience. Click Here to check it out for yourself!

Outerstuff Keylex

Snow My Gosh…

February 10th, 2010


Somewhere in the tri-state area, someone’s father is telling them how back in his day, he had to walk two and a half miles to school in blizzards like this. Well guess what dad, school’s canceled. Apparently, in 2010 we still haven’t come up with methods of combating inclement weather to the point where it doesn’t cripple whole cities. The good news is, at Keylex business goes on as usual. (We now apologize in advance for this cheesy joke. Pardon us) We may not be snow plows, but we keep on trucking! (ugh – eyeroll ) Anyway, while your kids are out having snowball fights, and you’re trying to come up with creative ways to shovel the walkway without throwing your back out again, we’re still taking care of you! Thanks to the good fellows at Google, Adobe, Apple, and The Internet we’re doing just fine in this winter wonderland. Anyone up for a snowball fight with us on twitter??? CLICK HERE

Monkey Business

February 9th, 2010

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s the Woot Monkey! WOW is this thing FUN / annoying! Three of these lil’ guys came flying through the door today and while we’re not used to “monkeying around” (okay, we promise that was the last cheesy pun) we’re pretty fond of them! Here’s Woot’s fun description of these air-born apes:



February 1st, 2010

Check out this site we stumbled upon today. It’s called and it looks pretty interesting. ClientShow allows creative and marketing professionals to show, pitch and sell their work to their clients more effectively. This could be a great new way for all of us to communicate! The interface looks very user-friendly and it looks like it may be a great way to organize our clients brands in a place where everything can be seen together. While we’re looking into it, take a look for yourself at and tell us what you think!


A Note From the Senior Creative Director

January 18th, 2010

Senior Creative Director KeylexAs I woke up this Monday morning, I felt refreshed, well rested and ready for the week ahead. Not only am I ready, I’m looking forward to it. How many people can honestly write this on a Monday morning, of all days?! I truly love what I do. Keylex is a great company. (Just for the record, I know you can’t see me typing this, but I assure you the CEO is not holding a gun to my head. This is not a cry for help.) Really, I think Keylex is a great place to work and I find myself looking forward to new challenges each week. Am I ready for a break when the weekend hits? You bet, but what designer doesn’t need an opportunity to recharge and refresh their creativity? ;) Some of the many great things about Keylex are the balance, relationships, and our passion for what we do. Every day is something new. Some challenges are fun and exciting, and I will speak for myself when I say some drive me completely nuts. Either way, it’s a pleasure to work for such a down-to-earth, respectable company as Keylex and I figured this was worth sharing this morning. :) Happy Monday!

Contemporary Navigation Design Ideas

January 6th, 2010

That’s right, we’re finally back! We know you’ve been wondering when a new post would pop up for you to breeze through during your down time, and we’re finally getting back to updating. We’re planning to add a lot more content to the blog this year, especially great design techniques and concepts that will act as inspiration for future projects. So we’ll begin with some awesome navigation design.

Navigation (also known as the “menu”) is one of the most important features on a website. It should be functional, but also visually impressive. Because of their importance, navigation menus are usually placed at the top of the page, therefore making a big impact on a user’s first impression of the website.Check these out!


A is for Awesome, Google.

November 5th, 2009


Google always has creative ways of celebrating every little holiday and milestone in history. Today is the 40th Anniversary of Sesame Street. Check out Cookie Monster on Google!!! C is for Cookie, buddy! As a creative agency, we had to add our two cents by suggesting that the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button be changed to “I’m Feeling Cookie”…at least for today…Just saying…