A Note From the Senior Creative Director

Senior Creative Director KeylexAs I woke up this Monday morning, I felt refreshed, well rested and ready for the week ahead. Not only am I ready, I’m looking forward to it. How many people can honestly write this on a Monday morning, of all days?! I truly love what I do. Keylex is a great company. (Just for the record, I know you can’t see me typing this, but I assure you the CEO is not holding a gun to my head. This is not a cry for help.) Really, I think Keylex is a great place to work and I find myself looking forward to new challenges each week. Am I ready for a break when the weekend hits? You bet, but what designer doesn’t need an opportunity to recharge and refresh their creativity? ;) Some of the many great things about Keylex are the balance, relationships, and our passion for what we do. Every day is something new. Some challenges are fun and exciting, and I will speak for myself when I say some drive me completely nuts. Either way, it’s a pleasure to work for such a down-to-earth, respectable company as Keylex and I figured this was worth sharing this morning. :) Happy Monday!

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