Brand Differentiation

You’ll find that well established brands usually have a clear and unique communication to the consumer. This angle is unique to the brand. No other company that competes can make their promise in the same way without being compared to the first to do it.

It’s necessary for your site to have its own unique selling point. It’s important to remember that consumers will not be familiar with your brand until it has established itself as different than its competition. It is also important that the brand is communicated as being more effective and convenient than its competitors. For example, it wouldn’t be wise to open up a department store across the street from a Walmart these days. They both may sell some of the same items, but Walmart as a brand is so well established that any similar store in the area would quickly become the copycat/underdog (as opposed to opening the same store in a town where there is no Walmart.)

crowded1Take a product that’s an all natural solution to hair regeneration. “All natural” may sound clean and healthy, but it’s is not a great marketing angle. Being “all natural” only goes so far these days, and with the “hair loss-stricken consumer seeking results, the fact that this product comes from nature isn’t likely to sell them on the idea that it will actually work. Look at Hoodia for example: Hoodia Gordonii, a plant found in southern Africa is claimed to be effective as an appetite suppressant. So is Green Tea. Both are all natural, but since the explosion in Hoodia’s popularity over the past year and a half in the health industry, it has become a glorified supplement for those looking to lose weight. It’s gotten to the point where the word “Hoodia” itself communicates weight loss to consumers with no knowledge of its effectiveness or side effects. It’s known more as an “active ingredient” in weight loss pills than a flowering plant in Africa. Green tea on the other hand is much less marketable due to its “all-natural” label. Most people know that they can drink green tea as a beverage, so they assume “How far can this really take me as a weight loss solution.” There is no sense of “mystery” when it comes to green tea. “I can grow it in my backyard, so it can be that powerful.”

Fiji Water is another excellent example. Bottled water is bottled water. You can dress it up, make it pretty, say how it comes from the springs of so and so and how “all natural” it is, but one thing that nobody else can say is that their water comes from an artesian aquifer, located at the very edge of a primitive rainforest, hundreds of miles away from the nearest continent. It’s so “all natural” that it is untouched by man until you unscrew the cap! This promise is what sells Fiji Water as a premium brand – not its packaging or the graphics on the website alone, but the combination of these and brand differentiation.

The angle that this hair solution should take should be similar to Hoodia Gordonni. It can be “all natural”, but it must have an angle to differentiate it as a brand and to communicate its effectiveness as a solution. Keylex would create a “buzz” about a unique ingredient and the discovery of the first all- natural acne product that is actually as effective as a prescription without all of the doctor visits, medicinal baggage and side-effects.

It’s all about the delivery. “Zagging” when everyone is “Zigging” won’t guarantee a product to sell unless it’s done with research, experience and a professional eye.

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