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What is Twitter and why would anyone care about what I am doing?

Saturday, February 21st, 2009


The last social media tool that’s gathering some “buzz” is a very simple and basic service called Twitter.

There’s only one thing that Twitter does — it allows you to post brief (140 character maximum) messages that answer the question “what am I doing”.

Often these messages describe what you are doing at the moment though you often will see people posting open questions on a wide variety of topics. The appeal of Twitter is that it integrates to a huge number of different online services.

By sending a message to my Twitter account — I can also update my Facebook profile at the same time. So Twitter becomes an easy way to generate multiple sites with short content (also known as status messages or “what am I doing”). Twitter also accepts text messages sent from your phone (thus the limit of 140 characters which is generally the maximum size for text messages).

The question that I hope you are asking is — “Do people really care what I’m doing” followed by “This sounds weird and like a waste of time”.

At this point the main users of Twitter seem to be those who either work at home and are networking in a manner similar to the “office water cooler” or writers who use the service to gather information on things that are currently happening (which is easy because there are several tools that integrate to Twitter and display the hottest keywords being sent by users at any time).

There are several ways you can use Twitter for business.

First, there are tools (my favorite is a program called Twhirl – that make it easier to not only post messages but to listen. Using this software tool I’ve setup my searches so that anytime someone mentions my business that I’m able to see them right away. Often I will provide (free) answers to a question about my solutions. While it might seem foolish to provide a free answer, long term the hope is that your company builds a relationship with the user and perhaps a customer.

Twitter is still very much in the early adopter stage. It is gathering press mentions because of the easy way that it allows news to spread quickly. When the airplane went down in the Hudson River, Twitter was one of the first services that carried messages and photos from people in New York City announcing that a plane had crash landed.


Keylex on Twitter –


Social Media is still not used by everyone. Just as the notion of web sites was foreign to most of us 20 years ago, the notion of Social Media seems foreign today.

Your company should make some effort to become familiar with the various tools and establish a basic presence. By becoming familiar at the early stage of use, you’ll be better poised to increase the amount of time that you spend on various Social Media sites as they become used by more of our typical business customers.

The Next Generation Will Use Social Media as Easily As You Now Use Email

In 1986 I remember the company I worked for bought their first fax machine. Actually at the time faxes were so expensive that they leased it! The technology of using a fax seems mysterious. Hardly anyone used the machine at first. Gradually as people grew accustomed to faxing it became an indispensable part of the business office.

As your older clients retire they’ll hand over the “keys to the business” to their children. These children have come through school learning how to use tools like Facebook as their primary communication method.

If companies want to form connections with this next generation of business owner, they must learn their language! Social Media is increasingly the language of this next generation. It’s time for you to learn this new language.


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