“Google it”, a tongue twister?


Bloggers and Forum dwellers alike have been buzzing about the “Bing.com commercial” and prophesizing about how “Bing is gonna be better than Google” and “Bing.com will kill Google.”

Ok, everyone relax. Microsoft’s latest “Bing” engine has not yet proved itself to be Google and might not be ready to compete just yet, but it’s a different taste of web search engine. Does it have potential? Sure, but at this point, to most people it’s something new with a catchy name, and that is exciting. (Somewhat of a deja vu of a certain election held this past November, perhaps?)

Bing is the young, fresh, sophisticated new kid on the block. Besides being easy to pronounce, Microsoft is marketing Bing as a “decision engine,” differentiating it from it’s competition. The commercials are straight forward and effective. So much so, that people have been quick to jump on the bing wagon (pun totally intended). All joking aside, we’re not so quick to dump our beloved Google for the flavor of the week. However, we will be trying out Bing and getting back to you soon with our thoughts.

A Microsoft search engine, huh? Let’s see if we can keep it from freezing and crashing the world wide web!

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