Great Clients: A handful of senior creatives talk about what the best clients do, and don’t do, to help inspire their best work.

To truly inspire great work, what can great clients do and avoid doing?

“Great clients are full of enthusiasm. They don’t hesitate to share it and to infect you with this passion. They are demanding, they are fair, but they always make it apparent that we are all on the same side. – Alex Martinez, Executive Creative Director (Spain)

“Design is a simple game. A client should have a simple brief that is a springboard for ideas, not a setof instructions or mandatory inclusions. They should keep an open mind o what the creative work will be like, not a fixed idea of what they’re expecting. They should never change the brief, especialy when they have seen the creative work. If they have used research, they shouldn’t over react to the results. Small Changes can make a big difference. And remember: To do great work, you have to do something “wrong.” If you follo to “rule book” you will never end up with something new.” – R. Ramsy, Executive Creative Director (London)

“To inspire great work, clients can tell creatives to do one thing. The can choose the one major message that they would like the creative team to communicate about their product and have them communicate that message. They should never be swayed by fear. Actually, they more afraid a client is, chances are, the better the work will be.” – F. Romano, Creative Director (London)

“There need to be an honest collaboration between the client and the Creative Director. It’s best for a client to be open and honest about their objective upfront. The collaboration needs to set realistic and clear goals in he creative brief. Great work isn’t about winning awards, but is about working together through a very clear objective. It’s important for a client to have a trust in the partnership. With a clear and honest objective a professional creative is capable of delivering beyond what a client can expect.” – G. Tay, Regional Creative Director (Asia)

“I think it’s all about trust and faith. Great clients intuitively understand a great idea, and help it to grow by supporting it. They do this because they trust the creative person and the agency to deliver only the best. I think good clients are as hungry and passionate about good ideas that are both original and different. However sometimes I feel that clients hinder the process by providing stumbling blocks instead of stepping stones. This can easily be avoided.” – R. Deshpande Executive Creative Director (Mumbai)

“Great clients try not to swing from one spectrum to the other. If a client attempts to change the brief once the creative process has begun, it will most likely eat up the energy and passion of the creative. It’s important to inspire the creative through encouragement and passion for the project at hand.” – S. Lo, Executive Director (N.E. Asia)

“Great clients are great at what they’re in business for. They have a strong understanding of the product or service and they know how to communicate this to their clients. The same goes for Creatives. A good client understands that by requesting the service of an agency, they have put their trust into the hands of professionals who know their business best. Creatives know how to take the clients main objective and communicate that message through design that will inspire and motivate the consumer to take action, and therefore increase the client’s revenue. A great client is an expert in their field and recognizes that the creative is an expert in theirs, and in turn, takes their advice and allows the creative to communicate to the consumer through the design.” – S. Carnes (U.S.A)

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