Increase in Shopping Online

online-shopperThe worldwide recession is actually fueling a use for more and more online shopping for goods and services. During this slowdown, people are staying home in order to save money, however this excellerates their use of the internet to shop for bargains and finds the best deals and sales online. Many users are found to be changing their minds about which brands to buy and where to shop due to research on the web. If you’re not there when consumers are looking for you, you risk losing out.

Last year 220,141,969 users in the United States alone were reported to be using the internet. That’s over 73% of our population shopping for goods, services and entertainment. Now people are even creating and sharing their own content. The amount of time Americans spend online per week has doubled in the past 8 years from 7 hours to 14 hours each day. This makes up for about 30% of their leisure time. In 2009, due to the recession, an even greater increase in the number of hours Americans spend on the web is expected.

If your company’s marketing and sales approaches haven’t caught up with recent trends in consumer behavior, you may be missing out. Consider ecommerce a malleable investment for growth. It’s an inexpensive way to pull ahead of your more traditional brick and mortar competitors and to reach more consumers in this economic slowdown.

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