Keylex Book Club: Now Reading: Brand Digital

branddigitalOnline Branding isn’t paint by numbers. It requires specific market insight, the ability to think ahead of the curve, and knowing what risks to take, when. We know you may be surprised, but Keylex has designers that actually read! All joking aside, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of our craft and being able to deliver better results based on market differentiation. In other words, we stay educated.

ZAG by Marty Neumeier was an awesome read and jam-packed with useful information. We’d even recommend it as a quick read to all of our clients! Big words, some pictures and diagrams…worth a few hours for the 15 bucks and the education you’ll recieve ;)

This week, we’re reading Brand Digital by Allen P. Adamson. It talks about the new landscape of digital branding, its almost-unlimited choices and all the new terminology. Nike, Proctor & Gamble and Unilever are used as examples to demonstrate how the best marketers are using the web to build and manage their brands. Brand Digital discusses how social sites like Facebook can be used to aid in brand development, whether companies can get a better return on the development costs of television ads if they reformat them for YouTube, how to keep digital promotion integrated with traditional outreach and how to determine which technology to use to reach one audience versus another. There is also a list of new terms all branding professionals should thoroughly understand. Adamson also covers using socialmedia as a live, virtual focus group to establish a clear brand voice.

We’ll keep you posted!

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