Online Marketing: Run and never look back

Consistency is the key to online marketing. One of the biggest mistakes  companies make is trying out a few new ideas and then sitting back to wait for results. Online marketing is time consuming, but  every company should be committed to have someone spend time daily blogging, tweeting,  researching and spreading the services of the company. No matter what you promote or sell, online marketing can be extremely rewarding – but not necessarily overnight. Consider that the average brick and mortar business takes four years on average to turn a profit and most new businesses fail within the first two years. If you view online marketing as a long-term investment, you will outpace your competitors that have not embraced this medium in no time.

So where do you start? Start your own blog, create a twitter account, join LinkedIn, get involved in industry conversations, comment on other blogs, submit press releases to free and paid sources and create an endless stream of information. Forget about instant results and focus on the long term. Just run and never look back.

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