New Brochures!

October 21st, 2009


You may own or remember one of our eye-popping, 80’s retro, fluorescent brochures from this past year. Well, it’s time to reprint and we’ve redesigned them for a whole new look! Inspired by Russian Revolutionary Art and Constructivism, our new brochure is a little more eye catching from the outside, yet still packed with the same useful information about what we do here at Keylex. Want one? Well, since you’re here we can assume you already know where to find us! Just in case you’re struggling though, try contacting us by clicking here.

Attention New Yorkers!

October 1st, 2009


Once again, the web is making things easier! If you’re living in New York City and you take taxi’s or sedans because you sick of sitting next to the smelly guy on the subway, now there’s a website that makes it SO easy! No need to stand out in the rain and hail a cab, RideCharge is here to help! BTW, check out this site’s design and ease-of-use. Pretty sweet, huh? Click Here to go to

New Movie “2012” Uses the Web to Advertise

September 28th, 2009

Search 2010

Who needs cleverly-chopped movie trailers and magazine ads, when the world wide web can do the work for you!? Have you driven past a billboard or bus stop that read “SEARCH 2012” lately? Well if you have, and you’re as curious as many people driving past these messages are, you know that there is tons of information already out there about the year 2012. Because the internet has been buzzing for years about different beliefs surrounding the date, the introduction of a movie based on this content was best delivered through that which was already available! Not only that, but for movie goers, it makes the whole experience feel more authentic and ominous.

The movie is similar to “The Day After Tomorrow”, a sort of “end of days” thriller about human species’ final hours on earth. We won’t get in to the details surrounding the significance of 2012 because, well, you have to search for it! (That is of course, if you’re interested) ;)

Highly Recommended to Our Clients!

September 22nd, 2009


You’ve gotta see this! Check out this site: It’s a great source for inspiration and an excellent example of what contemporary sites are looking like. On the right side of the site there is a menu that you can browse to help you choose a category you’re interested in viewing sites from. The greatest thing about this website is that it showcases sites that target all different types of target audiences. You can also follow them on twitter by clicking HERE. So when you have some downtime, take a look and browse around. Not only are the sites fun to look at, but you may even discover something useful for yourself!

Twitter played a Major Role in This Year’s MTV VMA’s

September 15th, 2009

2009 MTV VMA

This year, for the first time ever, the MTV music awards managed to triple Twitter’s average volume. The website became a way to vote for fans’ favorite nominees and even helped celebrities decide what to wear and how to style their hair for the events. Celebs were even twittering from the red carpet! People watching from home twittered in about their opinions of the show and some of the controversial events that took place. It’s become a great way for viewers to experience and feel connected with their entertainment even when watching TV from the comfort of their home! MTV even hired celebrity blogger, iJustine as their twitter correspondent along with brand new technology (THE TWITTER TRACKER) to display the most talked about topics on the site. Taylor Swift, the VMA award winning country singer was also seen video blogging and twittering in between rehearsals.

1.3 million VMA-related tweets were unleashed between the time the show started and when it ended on Sunday night. By Monday morning, the numbers had ballooned to 2 million. The numbers were unprecedented for Twitter. “During the VMAs, Twitter experienced three times our average volume of tweets,” Twitter’s Chloe Sladden said. “It was twice as many as during the news surrounding Michael Jackson this past summer.”

Twitter became a huge part of the show, as the tweet volume was instantaneous and fans and stars alike (many of whom were actually inside Radio City Music Hall) helped to narrate the evening.

“The unique level of viewer engagement MTV was able to inspire during the VMAs was impressive,” Sladden added. “We think Twitter can be the way television becomes more interactive, and MTV is showing us the way.”

CLICK HERE for more info on the MTV VMA “Twitter Tracker”…

Keylex Launches Teaser for PC Universe

September 14th, 2009


With a new and exciting project in the works for our client, PC Universe, Keylex felt it would be good to release a sneak peek of the new branding as an introduction to the “mothersite” which will eventually be launched at (You can view their current site here.

Rather than the typical “Under Construction” page, Keylex created a functional search engine for the site at, “uGoPCU” (pronounced “you go pcu”) will be the new PC Universe tag line, coupled with the brand new, fresh look and “uGo”, the new company mascot. Keylex also design a banner campaign that is currently running on the original site.

Also on, there are links to the company’s twitter, facebook, and store. These methods of customer relations and sales are part PCU’s forward thinking business approach, using social media to reach consumers on the web.

So for a close up look at the new design (first check out the old look ( then head over to!

Short Video On Social Media

August 17th, 2009

Thanks to PCUniverse for the link!

I signed my company up for an account on Facebook. Now what?

July 27th, 2009


Good question. Glad you asked.

The benefit to having a Facebook account for your business is that it can used as a tool for networking, customer service and free advertising. It gives your customers another way to reach you, it’s a more personal way to get your name out there than the old-fashioned print ad or email blast, and it opens up, and it’s yet another touch-point where people can be reminded that you exist!

You can advertise, create events, invite employees to join you, search for new employees, create live updates, and more. Facebook is always growing and adding features. The sooner you join and begin to understand it’s capabilities, the easier it will be to grow with it.

Ways Facebook Can Help Your Business:

Facebook Pages — Facebook “Pages” (that’s with a capital “P”) were created to give businesses their own profile on Facebook. In fact, originally, the code that made up a Facebook “Page” appeared to be almost exactly the same as that which generated user profile pages.

Pages give your business or brand an identity on Facebook. With a Page, those interested and following your brand can become “fans”, and when they do so, all their friends will see this. You can store photos, videos, information about your company, and custom applications on your Page. All activity on Pages gets posted back to your Mini Feed for all your friends to see. Click here for a detailed overview on what fields you can store on a Facebook Page.

Groups — Groups on Facebook are similar to Pages, but are meant to be built around a group of people rather than an individual business or brand. Groups have no “become a fan” feature, and do not share as much information with users’ friends as users interact.

Applications — Facebook has a very powerful API that you can have developers write software for to help promote your business on Facebook. Applications give you full power to say or promote anything you want about your business, and use the social tie-ins provided by Facebook to do this. For instance, Visa created the “Visa Business Network” application, which takes information about users and allows them to better network with other small business owners. They even integrated with Facebook advertising by offering those that install the app a credit towards advertising on Facebook.

Advertising — Facebook has a powerful advertising engine that enables businesses to specify a specific demographic target, see how many people that demographic will hit, and advertise to that demographic. Facebook has also provided even more customized options for other areas of the site which businesses with a larger budget can advertise through. Then there’s the highly controversial Facebook Beacon – if you do e-commerce transactions through your site you can enable users to share updates on purchases users make on your site amongst their friends. It has been awhile since I’ve seen anyone use Beacon, however, so it’s hard to tell whether Facebook still supports it. You can still access this and the other advertising features through the Advertisers link at the bottom of Facebook.

Polls — Facebook Polls are great for marketers looking to get a quick answer about a particular feature they’d like to implement, or just to find out information and opinions from a specific demographic. You can access Facebook polls via this link.

Facebook Connect — just announced last week at F8, Facebook Connect enables your website to easily integrate with Facebook. Now you can integrate Facebook into your login process, retrieve users’ friend information, and even post data back to users’ Mini Feed so all their friends can see their activity. Think of Facebook Connect as the new Beacon, with much more flexibility to do even more throughout your site! Click here to learn more about Facebook Connect.


Here are some useful links to help you learn more:

New Book To Check Out!

July 26th, 2009

do_you_matterMore and more companies are coming to understand the competitive advantage offered by outstanding design. With this, you can create products, services, and experiences that truly matter to your customers’ lives and thereby drive powerful, sustainable improvements in business performance. But delivering great designs is not easy. The secret: building a truly design-driven business, in which design is central to everything you do. Do You Matter? shows how to do precisely that. Legendary industrial designer Robert Brunner (who laid the groundwork for Apple’s brilliant design) and Stewart Emery (Success Built to Last) begin by making an incontrovertible case for the power of design in making emotional connections, deepening relationships, and strengthening brands. You’ll learn what it really means to be “design-driven” and how that translates into action at Nike, Apple, BMW and IKEA.You’ll learn design-driven techniques for managing your entire experience chain; define effective design strategies and languages; and learn how to manage design from the top, encouraging “risky” design innovations that lead to entirely new markets. The authors show how (and how not) to use research; how to extend design values into marketing, manufacturing, and beyond; and how to keep building on your progress, truly “baking” design into all your processes and culture.

Ok…so that was Amazon’s write up. Here’s ours:

The book is awesome. If you trust us (which we hope you do) you’ll spend the “recession-concious” $16.49 here and read it cover to cover. If you decide to do this, shoot us a message on twitter or give us call to let us know what you thought! This book is packed with useful information and insights. Totally worth the read! Also, here’s the website to learn more:

Today’s Ecommerce Retail & How to Stay Up To Speed

July 23rd, 2009

eCommerce sites have remained the same for a long time. With the growing trend in “Web2.0” styling, changes are finally taking place. Marketing has also changed. The outdated idea of a large call to action, is dead, and dying. File sharing, viral marketing and blogging has totally cast a shadow over the dusty “Buy me! Buy me!” technique. Generation Y consumers are “banner blind”, web savvy, and not so quick to give away their trust, loyalty and ultimately their money to just any brand. So the question is, why hasn’t eCommerce caught up as quickly as the marketing world?

It’s most likely due to a comfort level that business owners have with things that have already been done and that haven’t failed yet. The keyword there is “yet.” The only problem with the safety route is that the fire’s in the stairwell and climbing. Eventually old-fashioned techniques have to give way to the present, and if you’re stuck in the stairwell you’ll have to try a different route or start fighting the flames We’ll take the first choice ;)

I early bird get’s the worm, so the ones keeping an eye on what’s next will be the market leaders of tommorow. The good news (especially for small to medium businesses) is that the pulse right now is on communication via the web, often FREE communication! It is becoming obvious that doing things the old-fashioned way will cost more and sell less. So what can be done to save and sell at the same time?

Be REAL, be honest, be blunt.

Be honest. Are you really as great as you say you are? Consumers aren’t as dumb as you think, (or as some of them may look) :) Your smoke and mirrors will turn them off and lose their trust in your authenticity. Brands that today’s consumers are prepared to “let in” to their lives are the ones that connect with them on a much more personal level. It shows a deeper understanding of what they want and need, and that you’re interested in helping to provide them with a means to having those needs met. As soon as you become too sales driven, you fail. Customers want to be embraced, not bombarded with more wordy pitches. Social media is an excellent way to really understand your audience and connect with them. Here are a few ideas:

Have your staff members create twitter accounts. All of you can post real thoughts, feelings and provide a sense of human life at your company. Let your personality through. Don’t try to sell the product or service. Talk about topics that relate and allow consumers to get to know you. They’ll find what they’re looking for, and if it’s what you have to offer, you won’t even have to pitch it. Offer links to your staff’s Twitter profiles on your help pages. Now your customers will be able to follow you, ask questions, and recommend others to follow you as well. Best of all? THIS IS FREE!