Snow My Gosh…


Somewhere in the tri-state area, someone’s father is telling them how back in his day, he had to walk two and a half miles to school in blizzards like this. Well guess what dad, school’s canceled. Apparently, in 2010 we still haven’t come up with methods of combating inclement weather to the point where it doesn’t cripple whole cities. The good news is, at Keylex business goes on as usual. (We now apologize in advance for this cheesy joke. Pardon us) We may not be snow plows, but we keep on trucking! (ugh – eyeroll ) Anyway, while your kids are out having snowball fights, and you’re trying to come up with creative ways to shovel the walkway without throwing your back out again, we’re still taking care of you! Thanks to the good fellows at Google, Adobe, Apple, and The Internet we’re doing just fine in this winter wonderland. Anyone up for a snowball fight with us on twitter??? CLICK HERE

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