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Branding: Target

Friday, February 20th, 2009

The bull’s eye design, a well-known universal icon, has become an instant reminder of Target’s Brand.

Unlike other discount stores, such as Kmart, Ames, and Walmart, Target provides its customers with a comforting sensory experience through design. This is encouraging and supportive in the sense that it shows faith in the consumer that they have good taste. Wal-Mart provides little actual “experience.” It’s stores are filled with overstocked inventory is their weakness as Target gains its momentum.

The visuals and overall sensory experience of Target’s commercials drive traffic but they would never work alone. There is a corresponding store environment that is in place to welcome customers and provide comfort through familiarity.

The aesthetics which are reminiscent of the 50s and 60s are specifically appealing to baby boomers. The Target Bull’s Eye dog, is a take-off of “Our Gang”, a TV sitcom that baby boomers watched as kids.

Everything about Target’s brand ties in to the consumer. It’s inviting, friendly, and unobtrusive. Consumers don’t feel forced to buy by the use of pushy messages and dominating design elements; they are invited to shop and if they make a purchase they expect to get more and pay less. This is how great design and branding has lead to Target’s success.