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Strange humor used to target junk food-fueled teens.

Friday, February 20th, 2009

A somewhat recent trend over the past 2-3 years is making no sense to adults, but companies targeting teens through advertisements on the web and television are laughing their way to the bank! “Random humor” as teens might refer to it, is being used to sell anything from Skittles to Burger King, Mountain Dew to Starburst. Teens find them hilarious and relate to the characters and humor depicted in the ads:

Didn’t get it? Maybe you shouldn’t, which is why they find it funny. It makes little sense with a dash of irony thrown in – a perfect recipe for advertising targeting teenagers. Many strange things are funny in the gawky and awkward life of a teenager, and the more they have to talk about and relate with each other, the better. These commercials are definitely fuel for conversation (whether you find them funny or not)