Take advantage of the economy’s “Step-Down” effect

The economy has created an “Economic Step-Down” where businesses and consumers are purchasing products and services at a level lower than they are accustomed to. Fortune 500 companies are stepping down from the Big Four accounting firms to the “Big 100”, end of lease Lexus owners are stepping down to Infiniti, and Starbucks junkies are convincing themselves that Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is just fine. Once look at Mercedes homepage message and you know they’re suffering from the wrong end of step down syndrome.

Mercedes homepage

Companies can take advantage of this trend by stepping up their client base to the step downers. Nearly every business in America is re-evaluating their vendor relationships and finding alternatives that offer the same or similar products at a lower cost. If you offer products or services that you know will save companies money, now is the time to pitch to them. Office supplies, insurance, IT and yes, even web development. So take this opportunity to step up to the plate (pun intented) and make a cold call to a company that can step down to your services. They may be surprised how they are actually stepping up!

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