Today’s Ecommerce Retail & How to Stay Up To Speed

eCommerce sites have remained the same for a long time. With the growing trend in “Web2.0” styling, changes are finally taking place. Marketing has also changed. The outdated idea of a large call to action, is dead, and dying. File sharing, viral marketing and blogging has totally cast a shadow over the dusty “Buy me! Buy me!” technique. Generation Y consumers are “banner blind”, web savvy, and not so quick to give away their trust, loyalty and ultimately their money to just any brand. So the question is, why hasn’t eCommerce caught up as quickly as the marketing world?

It’s most likely due to a comfort level that business owners have with things that have already been done and that haven’t failed yet. The keyword there is “yet.” The only problem with the safety route is that the fire’s in the stairwell and climbing. Eventually old-fashioned techniques have to give way to the present, and if you’re stuck in the stairwell you’ll have to try a different route or start fighting the flames We’ll take the first choice ;)

I early bird get’s the worm, so the ones keeping an eye on what’s next will be the market leaders of tommorow. The good news (especially for small to medium businesses) is that the pulse right now is on communication via the web, often FREE communication! It is becoming obvious that doing things the old-fashioned way will cost more and sell less. So what can be done to save and sell at the same time?

Be REAL, be honest, be blunt.

Be honest. Are you really as great as you say you are? Consumers aren’t as dumb as you think, (or as some of them may look) :) Your smoke and mirrors will turn them off and lose their trust in your authenticity. Brands that today’s consumers are prepared to “let in” to their lives are the ones that connect with them on a much more personal level. It shows a deeper understanding of what they want and need, and that you’re interested in helping to provide them with a means to having those needs met. As soon as you become too sales driven, you fail. Customers want to be embraced, not bombarded with more wordy pitches. Social media is an excellent way to really understand your audience and connect with them. Here are a few ideas:

Have your staff members create twitter accounts. All of you can post real thoughts, feelings and provide a sense of human life at your company. Let your personality through. Don’t try to sell the product or service. Talk about topics that relate and allow consumers to get to know you. They’ll find what they’re looking for, and if it’s what you have to offer, you won’t even have to pitch it. Offer links to your staff’s Twitter profiles on your help pages. Now your customers will be able to follow you, ask questions, and recommend others to follow you as well. Best of all? THIS IS FREE!

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