Top 10 Business Website Mistakes to Avoid


#10) Long, clunky websites URLs
“There are more than 108 million websites.” That sentence was posted in 2007. It should be obvious that a Web address must be easy to remember as to not get lost in the haystack of URLs on the web today. Your website should be short, unique, easy to spell, and easy to remember. If your website is, it’s time to head back to the drawing board. Try no more than 3 syllables as a rule of thumb.

#9) Using wordy, industry-related jargon
Nobody likes a vocabulosaurus. If users want to be impressed by big, unfamiliar words, they’ll visit, not your company’s website. In today’s cluttered market, the best way to stand out is to clear the clutter around you. Lose the fancy sales pitches and buzz words. Today’s consumer is no longer inspired by being told that your product or service is “the best” or “in high demand.” Instead, you will find more response to telling it like it is. Be honest, sincere, and candid. It’s a more trustworthy approach.

#8) Overuse/Unnecessary use of animation.

Animation is best used in small doses. Used improperly, it can be distracting, unprofessional, and counterproductive to the overall goal of your business. Animation (Flash, Gifs etc.) is best used in small advertising spaces where more than one message is required. If it isn’t absolutely necessary, think twice before adding it to the equation. For new visitors to your site, you have a limited times to get your message across. Users do not want to be forced to watch your bells and whistles unfold for 2 minutes just to read a few sentences that could have been read in 10 seconds. You may favor the excitement of moving images on the web, but this doesn’t mean your audience will. In fact, it may turn them away and hurt your company’s credibility. (Unless of course, you sell bells and whistles)

#7) Making the logo bigger.

We know you paid a pretty penny for you logo. This doesn’t mean it should be 1/4 the size of the page. If users are visiting your site, odds are they know the name of your company. After-all, it should be in the URL. Big logos are like black holes on a webpage. They are distracting, hypnotizing and take attention away from necessary information on the site. Website logos should be like a tag on clothing, not a mustache on a billboard.

#6) Confusing links and navigation
Don’t reinvent the wheel. Users are familiar with “Home”, “About”, and “Contact”. Rewriting traditional language is confusing for your audience, no matter how “creative” you want to be.

#5) Bombarding the user with cavernous, catacombs of information
People like to breath. In fact they have to in order to stay alive. Don’t kill your visitors by stuffing your website full of content, leaving no room for air. It’s a common misconception that this gives off the appearance of “big business.” All it really gives off is the sour stench of “big clutter.” You don’t have to be Macintosh to keep it simple. Just minimalize your content to 100% perservative-free fact. The more breathing room the easier your site will communicate.

#4) Making everything “prominent”

We know you want to really push your Spring Sale, the phone number, your contact link, the daily special, your recommended items, and gift cards. Pick one, not 78! In order for your site to provide a user-friendly experience, there needs to be a sense of informational hierarchy. Everything can’t be #1. It’s important to prioritize.

#3) Copying another company’s website.

Not only is this a shameless move in the world of branding, it’s border-line suicidal in the world of business. It can be illegal and users will raise an eyebrow to your lack of creativity and nerves of steel. Be unique and stand out for your originality, rather than your lack of it. Most likely, the business whose website you want to copy, stands out because they refrained from the same temptation.

#2) Being average
If everyone is using pink, use blue. Don’t be average. In real life, blending into the crowd is a matter of comfort and personal choice. Online, blending into the crowd means getting lost and losing business. Don’t be afraid to stand out and be different. It’s what will separate you from…well…everyone else.

#1) Playing the role of Project Director
When making the decision to hire an agency to design and develop your online brand, it is important to choose an agency that you can trust. You should work with the agency to reach the goals of the project and allow them to do what they do best. It can be stifling to a creative team if there are constant interruptions to the process due to changes in design elements and aesthetics based on personal opinion. You will find that the end result will be more successful if each player in the project is allowed to play their position.

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