Top Name Brands Beat to Their Own Name on Youtube

If you’re company hasn’t secured a Youtube account then you could be taking an unnecessary risk. As you can imagine, during the .com boom of the 90’s, many companies were faced with having their website name already taken when it came time to join the World Wide Web. Today, the rise of social media websites now means that major brands are at risk of “cyber squatters” or those looking to beat companies to the internet punch, stealing their URL again before they have the chance to attain it. Here are 10 major brands that weren’t quick enough to secure their own Youtube page:

#10: McDonalds
#9: David Bowie
#8: MTV
#7: Coke
#5: BMW
#4: Disney
#3: IBM
#2: Microsoft
#1: Yahoo

The Youtube Report 2009 tells us that over 40% of users click on the username to discover what’s uploaded in that channel. It is important for a brand to own their username to control the messaging being communicated on their channel. Over 60% of visitors to Yourtube agree with the statement “ If a username is the same as a familiar brand, I would expect the brand to be behind the channel”.

In plain English, what this means is that regardless of whether or not you plan to use Social Media for business related reasons, your company should acquire social media accounts on sites such as Twitter, Digg, Youtube, Facebook, etc. under its name for future potential. Otherwise, you run the risk of having to either:

A.) Purchase your own name for what will most likely be a hefty fee.
B.) Choose a long, clunky, hard-to-remember, easy-to-misspell name.

Here are 10 brands that took advantage before being taken advantage of:

#10: Ford
#9: Walmart
#8: Toyota
#7: Barack Obama
#6: HGTV
#5: IKEA
#4: Home Depot
#3: Pepsi
#2: Best Buy
#1: Nike

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