Twitter played a Major Role in This Year’s MTV VMA’s

2009 MTV VMA

This year, for the first time ever, the MTV music awards managed to triple Twitter’s average volume. The website became a way to vote for fans’ favorite nominees and even helped celebrities decide what to wear and how to style their hair for the events. Celebs were even twittering from the red carpet! People watching from home twittered in about their opinions of the show and some of the controversial events that took place. It’s become a great way for viewers to experience and feel connected with their entertainment even when watching TV from the comfort of their home! MTV even hired celebrity blogger, iJustine as their twitter correspondent along with brand new technology (THE TWITTER TRACKER) to display the most talked about topics on the site. Taylor Swift, the VMA award winning country singer was also seen video blogging and twittering in between rehearsals.

1.3 million VMA-related tweets were unleashed between the time the show started and when it ended on Sunday night. By Monday morning, the numbers had ballooned to 2 million. The numbers were unprecedented for Twitter. “During the VMAs, Twitter experienced three times our average volume of tweets,” Twitter’s Chloe Sladden said. “It was twice as many as during the news surrounding Michael Jackson this past summer.”

Twitter became a huge part of the show, as the tweet volume was instantaneous and fans and stars alike (many of whom were actually inside Radio City Music Hall) helped to narrate the evening.

“The unique level of viewer engagement MTV was able to inspire during the VMAs was impressive,” Sladden added. “We think Twitter can be the way television becomes more interactive, and MTV is showing us the way.”

CLICK HERE for more info on the MTV VMA “Twitter Tracker”…

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