Uncle Chet: Dancing Machine


Nobody denies that Uncle Chet can cut a mean rug. He knows the electric slide, the macarena, the chicken dance, and the running-man. He even loves to brag about almost making it on to an episode of Soul Train as a backup dancer in the 80’s. Wherever Chet goes, if they’re playing Michael Jackson, he’s moon-walking. Everyone who knows (or knows of) Uncle Chet expects a performance if the music is playing.

Much like Uncle Chet, your brand owes the audience a certain level of performance and consistency. If your company sells dancing machines, they have to dance—all the time. Your brand should never have two left feet.

At Keylex, we never step on another brand’s toes. In fact, we don’t even dance, nor do we try to. We leave that to Chet. When it comes to the robot, Chet knows best. When it comes to online branding, Keylex knows best.

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