Uncle Chet: Pac-Man MVP


Uncle Chet dominates at Pac-Man. He’s a regular ghost-glutton on the joystick. In fact, he once tore the left toggle right off of the arcade console during a heated match. Chet’s a legend in bowling joints and dive bars across tornado alley. Billy Mitchell Loses to Chet "The Blunderguff" ChesleyRumor has it, he once made world record-holder Billy Mitchell cry after a high-scoring blowout.

While Uncle Chet may seem like the wave of the future to his pac-fans, he really just likes to play it safe. What he doesn’t want anyone to know is that he rules at Pac-Man because it’s the only game he knows. XBox and Nintendo Wii are foreign and frightening to Chet.

At Keylex, we know the future is now. (We stopped playing Pac-Mac competitively, back in ’86….which was right about the time we got rid of our long hair and mustaches)

When it comes to pellet pounding, ghost-gobbling hobbies of yesteryear, Chet knows best. When it comes to designing sites that will stand the test of time and devour the competition, Keylex knows best.

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