Uncle Chet’s Family Reunion


Nobody does Family Reunions quite like Chet, but this year’s story takes the cake. Uncle Chet showed up to the Eddyville Rec Center for his family reunion around 1:30pm. By 1:47 he managed to devour half of the mini crustless, triangle tuna sandwiches and make half of the wet-bar vanish in thin air. By 2:01 Chet was busting a move on the dance floor……..solo…….to no music at all. By 2:19 he was joined by nearly the entire family in what appeared to be a combination of The Carlton and the Hava Nagila dance. By 2:20 Chet realized that he was at someone else’s family reunion.

If Uncle Chet had made it to his family event he would have been surrounded by 100 Chets or more. He would have never stood out enough to make a difference and make the party a success!

When it comes to standing out like a soar thumb while leading the conga line, Chet knows best. When it comes to standing out among your competition and being a leader in your industry, Keylex knows best.

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