Uncle Chet’s Moped


Uncle Chet’s got a soft spot for his Honda PA50 Moped. You can find him mud-jumping in his back yard or cruising the neighborhood in his leather biker jacket and fighter pilot cap—the plastic license plate reading: “MoPeds-MoFun.” Chet never really got into Harley Davidsons. He likes to think of himself as…unique.

At Keylex we like our work to be unique too, but not the “Moped” kind of unique. When you’re trying to stand out among the competition, it’s important to stand out in all the right ways…not by wearing a hat & goggle combination and driving an old scooter.

When it comes to clearing sweet jumps on the ‘Ped, Chet knows best. When it comes to jumping ahead of your competition, Keylex knows best.

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