When The Bic Hits The Fan…


One thing we can all be sure of is that our Senior Creative Director knows his design. As for making a peanut butter & jelly sandwich…ehh…

A few months back his computer was making a racket and he decided to “investigate.” After removing the side of his computer tower, he noticed the cooling fan was humming and thought to himself “What smart thing can I do to quiet the noise so that I can get back in the zone?” He looked around his office for the perfect muffler and voila! – A red Bic pen. He stuck the pen into the fan, stopping it and the noise it was making. Now let’s just say that sometimes being creative doesn’t help a situation.

Months passed and plenty of creative work was done in peace and quiet. Until last Wednesday. In the middle of a project, out went the power on the designer’s desktop. It turns out the ol’ pen-in-the-fan trick worked too well. It actually managed to kill the power supply to the whole computer.

Luckily, our Lead Developer is also handy with hardware and performed a brain transplant on the tower. The photo above is a testament to one of his many talents.

Moral of the story: Creative: Forget moonlighting as a Computer Repair Man and don’t quit your day job!

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